Saturday, September 12, 2015

Trunk Doll Challenge

As I shared before I am working on a trunk doll challenge for one of the online doll clubs I belong to.    I wanted to share how the project was going with you.  Originally I found this antique box that I was going to use for the trunk.  

Then, here goes that oh shiny thing again, I found a picture of this beautiful Jenny Lind antique doll trunk on Ruby Lane. 

Of course I had to attempt to replicate it.  Never mind that I have never made any sort of trunk, suitcase, box even before.  Anyway, since I am not familiar at all with woodworking other than all the woodworking dust that travels into my home on my husband from his woodworking shop, I decided to try my hand at making a replica out of a piece of mat board I had lying around.  First I drew patterns for the end pieces and then tried to figure out how to put it together.  After a failed attempt and advice from my woodworking husband I put together this very sorry looking mat board trunk.   

I had planned on putting microfiber suede cloth on to imitate the leather anyway and decided that I would give it a shot and see if covering would camouflage all of its flaws.

  As you can see the top really doesn’t fit the bottom and the trunk needs serious help.  

I will try this project again down the road just because but right now I am considering three other options since the challenge is due at the end of the month.   I am considering using the small antique box that the doll is sitting on for her trunk, using the antique box that I originally chose to use for her trunk, or accepting my husband’s response to my misshapen box.  I think I will go with the later and let him make the trunk out of wood in a size that will actually allow me to put the doll in along with some of her wardrobe and accessories that I will make for her down the road.  Off to JoAnn’s to buy more micro-suede!
If you are looking for a new project I am teaching Mistique online at A for Artistic starting September 29, 2015.  Click on the following link if you are interested in more information on the class.