Monday, May 28, 2012

Kuan Yin Revisited

I started a cloth representation of Kuan Yin quite some time ago and for some reason she was set aside amongst my multitude of unfinished projects.  I worked diligently during the last Figurative Artists Consortium Retreat in Ottawa on her hand beaded lotus blossom seat and never finished her.  So I took her out this weekend, completed her lotus blossom seat, needle-felted mohair for her hair, and have little left but a few finishing touches to do.

For those who did not see the original post, and may be unfamiliar with Kuan Yin, she is known by many as the goddess of compassion, one who hears the cries of all beings. She is also known in Buddhism as a Bodhisattva, one who puts off Nirvana in order to liberate all sentient beings. Many representations of Kuan Yin depict her as a beautiful oriental woman in flowing gowns carrying a vessel filled with the waters of compassion. She is often seen standing or sitting on a lotus blossom. In the representation of Kuan Yin that I have created, she has golden colored skin and is seated in the Bodhisattva pose.  

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Spring Garden Asparagus and Artful living

I am so happy to be able to work in my gardens this season! When I work in the gardens I always keep in my mind a great respect and thankfulness for nature.  I also look at the act of gardening as an active meditation and as an art form. So I am so pleased to be able to return to my work in the gardens and the beauty the gardens surround me with.  
There is a story to the asparagus bed.  Quite a few years ago when I had just prepared the bed for the asparagus but had not planted them yet I was near the bed weeding one of my rose beds.  As I was weeding I noticed the ground in the bed rising.  I stopped and really didn't believe my eyes and wondered what was going on.  I went back to my weeding but kept an eye on the bed, with curiosity.  Well the ground continued to rise until all of a sudden a very large turtle rose from the ground and walked out of the bed.  I had never seen anything like that happen before.  I imagine it had laid its eggs there in the soft, sandy soil, but never saw the baby turtles rise.  I took it as a good omen and have had incredible luck with the asparagus in that bed despite the occasions when life gets too full and the bed goes unattended. 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Glinda the Good Witch

This is Glinda the Good Witch from the Wizard of Oz.  Although she is often depicted as a redhead she just could not resist having lavender hair to match her fine costume.  She is a one of a kind original needle sculpted doll that I created for the MAIDA Storybook Challenge.  She has just been shipped to Prims Magazine to be photographed for the article on the challenge.  How cool is that!