Friday, June 23, 2017

A Watercolor Weekend in Kingston

My Beloved and I just recently spent a weekend in Historic Kingston Ontario.  It is such a delightful city to visit.  We enjoyed an absolutely amazing gluten free meal at Olivea. 
My Beloved and I
Since joining a watercolor group last fall I have really been enjoying taking my watercolors with me wherever I go.  While there I was able to do a little bit of watercolor painting at the waterfront.
Watercolor painting by Marla L. Niederer
 I also spent a little time painting in front of the Prince George Hotel. 
Watercolor painting by Marla L. Niederer outside of the Prince George Hotel
When we returned home we made our own sushi at home. 
Home made sushi
Until next time……
warm hugs,


Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Quinlan 2017 Artist Doll and Teddy Bear Conference in Philadelphia

Marla Niederer and her one of a kind figurative art Keeper of the Earth

I so enjoyed attending the Quinlan 2017 Artist Doll and Teddy Bear Conference in Philadelphia this past May!  I thought you might enjoy some of the pictures I took at the conference.
Keeper of the Earth by Marla L. Niederer
It is always so inspiring to see all the amazing works of art exhibited at the Quinlan Conferences.
Figurative Art Dolls by Joe MacPhale
Mother Goose by Lillian Alberti

Sleeping Mermaid  by Marla L. Niederer

Lucia by Joy Calhoon

Can I Keep Her by Tami Eveslage
Petite Valiant by Mary Ward
Prudence Penelope Patchwork by Marguerite Surich Noschese
Noam by Nina Tugarina
Each Artist had their own sales table.
Marina Bondarencko and sales table

Mary Ward and her sales table
Marla Niederer's sales table

I always enjoy visiting with old and new friends at the Quinlan Conference.
Joy and I

Pam and Dolores

At the Quinlan show you can always count on enjoying several banquets throughout the conference.
Saturday evening banquet
I brought my beloved to the Quinlan conference for the first time in 2016.  He enjoyed it so much that he attended the event with me again this past May!
Can’t wait to attend the 2018 conference!

warm hugs,

Friday, June 2, 2017

Trying to get back into a routine

I had a pretty busy time getting ready for and attending the Artistic Figures in Cloth and Clay Conference in Ohio and then very shortly afterwards attending the Quinlan Art Doll and Teddy Bear Conference in Philadelphia.  After arriving home I needed some time to decompress so what better thing to do than to chase all that is shiny down the rabbit hole again!   Nicola Battilana has a tutorial on her Pixie Hill Etsy shop on how to make fairy garden teacups.  You can find her tutorials in her shop here

Fairy Garden Teacups created by Marla Niederer from Nicoloa Battilana's design
Of course I had to make some fairy garden teacups before starting to work on my art dolls again!  I made them to give as gifts but of course had to keep one for myself.

I also thought you might enjoy some pictures of dolls made by one of my students Vicki Petticord. 
Vicki Petticord with two of her Flower Faeries from a class taught by Marla Niederer
She took the Goddess class I taught at AFICC and made her doll into The Girl Next Door!  I always love to see how my students put their own mark onto the dolls they create from the classes I teach. 
"The Girl Next Door"  by Vicki Petticord from the Goddess class taught by Marla Niederer
Vicki also took my online class Mistique and made this beautiful doll from the class.
Mistique by Vicki Petticord from class taught by Marla Niederer
Close up of Mistique by Vicki Petticord from class taught by Marla Niederer
Until next time…..
Warm hugs,
Flower Faeries by Marla Niederer
If you wish to take a class it’s not too late to join in on the Flower Faeries online class on Aforartistic here