Saturday, June 22, 2013

I was very Honored to Receive the Award for the Original Doll Catagory at the Figuartive Artists Consortium!

I just wanted to share that I was very honored to receive the award for the original doll category of the Figurative Artists Consortium Competition in Ottawa last Sunday for my new workshop doll Mistique!  The award itself is a beautiful work of art created by my friend Diane Blewett.  And to top it off it was presented to me by my friend Peggy Wilson.  I met Peggy at the very first doll making retreat that I attended many years ago.  At the time I didn't know how to needle-sculpt but was bound and determined to learn by the end of the retreat!  As I was trying to figure it out Peggy kindly pulled two stuffed doll heads out of her bag and asked me if I would like to sit with her and needle-sculpt one together.   She made the process of learning how to needle-sculpt so much more understandable and fun.  I have continued to develop my skills since then and have started to teach what I have learned in the hopes of continuing to promote doll making as an artform and to share the joy that I experience each day when I set out to create something new.
If you are interested in my new workshop Mistique you can find out more information and sign up on this link if you wish

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