Tuesday, March 25, 2014

It Was Another Spring Snow Storm or the Birth of Two Very Silly Bunnies

Last Saturday morning I woke up and took a peek outside my window and was disheartened by witnessing yet another blustery snow storm.  It was the 22nd of March.  Enough with the snow!   It was time for the snow to have long been melted and time for the daffodils to bloom.  I couldn’t quite do anything about the weather outside but I was determined to start making it look a little more like spring inside!  At that thought I felt impelled to pull two bunnies out of my very full bag of unfinished projects to complete on that blustery spring day.  The bunnies were two that I had started two years ago when I had designed and shared the pattern for them with my doll club in Ottawa.  The first bunny was made to show an example to the doll club during the presentation and the second bunny was used for the demonstration of techniques used in the creation of the bunnies.  Somehow life moved on and the bunnies were forgotten and left unfinished until last Saturday.  I had quite a bit of fun completing and dressing the bunnies.  Just looking at them helps it feel more like its spring don’t you think

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