Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Bridgette a Tuck Comb inspired Fiber Art Doll: Or settling into the Life of a Full time Artist

There have been very few days that I have not engaged in the creation of Bridgette over the past two months.  This project drew me into the world of Jane Austin as I researched her clothing and her time period.  There were many days that I gathered lemon balm, rose petals, and lavender buds from my gardens to brew a relaxing tea sweetened with honey to drink as I settled into my needlework.  Now that Bridgette is complete it almost feels like when you finish reading the most delicious book that completely draws you into its carefully crafted world.  Now that the story has ended it is time to leave the world the author created behind.  Only this time I am the one who created the world that drew me in!  It reminds me of a humorous quote I saw on Facebook not that long ago.  It stated, “I am an Artist.  This means I live in a perverse fantasy world with unrealistic expectations.  Thank you for understanding.”  When I showed the Facebook post to my husband Bob he just laughed and laughed.  Funny because it’s true.
Bridgette is a cloth needle sculpted ball jointed doll with a face overlay inspired by the Tuck Comb wooden dolls of the past. Watercolors were used for her skin tone and facial coloring.  English Mohair was used to create her stylish hairdo. She is dressed in clothing inspired by Jane Austin’s time. She dons a soft lavender colored cotton batiste empire waist gown with hand embroidered satin floss and glass bead flowers.  Bridgette wears hand crafted high heeled mules, a feather headdress, a pearl choker, and earrings.  I hope you like her.!
 Bridgette will be taught as an online class on A for Artistic.  I will keep you posted on details soon.