Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Getting Ready to Visit Tulsa

I am so excited to be visiting Tulsa this May at the request of the Tulsa Dolling Dames!  I was so pleased to be invited to teach a class for them that I created a doll with advanced ball jointing techniques that I have never taught before.  The doll has a swivel head also.  I have even been playing with techniques to inset eyes in a needle-sculpted head with a cloth overlay for the class.  This is the doll for the class.  I still need to complete painting the body.  The class will also involve using watercolors for skin tone and facial coloring.
Hope you are enjoying a very creative week :-)


  1. She's lovely. I hope you do an online class for this doll one day:)

  2. I plan to use the pattern for this doll in an online class in the future. Will keep you posted :-)

  3. Yup. Please let me know when you decide to teach her online.