Friday, July 31, 2015

How to keep an Osprey from making a nest on your solar panels

I woke up to a beautiful morning today and went for an early walk before the day became too warm.  On my walk back home I noticed an Osprey perched on the roof of our barn.  In the past few years more and more Ospreys have been making their home in our area and we have a nest a short distance from our house.  I enjoy watching them and having them close by.  But, I really don’t want them nesting on top of our solar panels which are on top of the roof of our barn. 

After my walk I typically enjoy my tea on the screened in porch during the warm weather months and I did the same today.  The Osprey didn’t move from its position on the top of the roof the entire time.  After having my tea I asked my husband what we need to do if it made a nest there.  He wasn’t quite sure but I hoped there was something to do to gently discourage it.  Now since it was still beautiful I went out again on the screened in porch to do a little doll making and yes the Osprey was still perched on top of the barn roof.  So I got my camera.  I have tried several times over the years to get a good picture of one of the Ospreys and had been unsuccessful so I thought now might be a good opportunity.  Well, as soon as I took a couple of quick pictures the Osprey flew off.  I couldn’t get one of it flying away but learned a new lesson on how to discourage Ospreys from nesting on your roof, take out your camera!  


  1. Wa ha ha, Marla. Now I know why the owl won't nest in my garden... Every time I see it I get so excited that I whip out the camera and take a picture. Will have to learn to restrain myself.