Sunday, July 17, 2016

If Sawdust is Man Glitter, than my Husband is Definitely One Sparkly Dude

I brought my husband, Bob, with me to the Quinlan Art Doll and Teddy Bear Conference in Philadelphia this past spring.  Although Bob has always been very supportive of my artistic pursuits (he actually went with me to an Art doll conference!), art dolls and teddy bears really haven’t been his thing.  He has seen all of my work but really hasn’t paid much attention to the work of other artists.  When he viewed the work of all the very talented doll artists and teddy bear artists at the conference he was thoroughly impressed and wanted to try his hand at doll making.  I used his first attempt at a tuck comb doll that he made out of a too hard wood to really do much carving as part of an assemblage art doll which you can view here.

His next attempt is still a work in process.  Again he is working on a jointed wooden doll.  He hasn’t completed the carving process yet.

Bob also helps me create props for my dolls.  I am currently working on a Fire Goddess and asked him to create a throne that is a cross between a throne and a pedestal for her to sit on (I love how her feet look when her toes are pointed down!).  I asked him to either have the sun or flames behind her head on the throne.  These are a series of photos of the process of making the throne and the unpainted throne. 

To me, the throne he created is a work of exquisite art!  What do you think? 


  1. Wow, the throne is beautiful and I am sure you will grace the throne with an exquisite doll. My husband is supportive as well, but sigh, not at all handy with the wood!