Saturday, October 8, 2016

If you want to boost your creativity, try this….

Transformation by Marla L. Niederer, close up
It is really easy to chase everything shiny down the rabbit hole when you are trying to focus on developing your skills as an artist.  When I first started working as a figurative fiber artist full time it took unbelievable self-control to remain focused on figurative fiber art.  I wanted to work on my art but also make journals, learn how to watercolor, create jewelry, and everything else that caught my attention for the moment.
Transformation by Marla L. Niederer
 If I were to chase all of those interests down the rabbit hole I would not have been able to continue to develop my skills and techniques as a figurative fiber artist because the focus wouldn’t be there.  
Fire Goddess by Marla L. Niederer
But sometimes it is okay to chase all things shiny in the name of artistic cross training. Sometimes your creativity just needs a little boost. If you find yourself in a creative rut and haven’t been feeling very inspired it sometimes helps to work in a different medium than you are accustomed to.  It lets you stretch your artistic skills and gives you a different perspective. 
Hand beaded earrings by Marla L. Niederer
So, I recently rewarded myself for being so focused the past two years by taking a jewelry making and watercolor painting break.  Playing with the two mediums has resulted in several new creative sparks for my figurative fiber art. 
Reflections by Marla Niederer 
Mission accomplished!
Winter Sky by Marla L. Niederer
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