Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Claudette A Cage Doll Shrine to Romance

Claudette by Marla L. Niederer
I am so excited to be teaching the online class Claudette starting next week on AforArtistic!
Claudette by Marla L. Niederer
I have always been a bit interested in Cage dolls and when I woke to the words left over from a dream, “Romance is the Music of Life,” I decided to create Claudette. 
Claudette by Marla L. Niederer
Claudette is my own version of a cage doll with a mixed media shrine to romance.  While searching for a picture to place in the mixed media frame I found a portrait of Queen Charlotte painted by Esther Denner in 1761 on Wikipedia.  I fell in love with her costume.  The bodice and choker created for Claudette were inspired by this painting.
Queen Charlotte by Esther Denner
If you wish to join me in the online class Claudette click on the following link to AforArtistic for more information and to sign up if you wish.

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