Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Quinlan 2017 Artist Doll and Teddy Bear Conference in Philadelphia

Marla Niederer and her one of a kind figurative art Keeper of the Earth

I so enjoyed attending the Quinlan 2017 Artist Doll and Teddy Bear Conference in Philadelphia this past May!  I thought you might enjoy some of the pictures I took at the conference.
Keeper of the Earth by Marla L. Niederer
It is always so inspiring to see all the amazing works of art exhibited at the Quinlan Conferences.
Figurative Art Dolls by Joe MacPhale
Mother Goose by Lillian Alberti

Sleeping Mermaid  by Marla L. Niederer

Lucia by Joy Calhoon

Can I Keep Her by Tami Eveslage
Petite Valiant by Mary Ward
Prudence Penelope Patchwork by Marguerite Surich Noschese
Noam by Nina Tugarina
Each Artist had their own sales table.
Marina Bondarencko and sales table

Mary Ward and her sales table
Marla Niederer's sales table

I always enjoy visiting with old and new friends at the Quinlan Conference.
Joy and I

Pam and Dolores

At the Quinlan show you can always count on enjoying several banquets throughout the conference.
Saturday evening banquet
I brought my beloved to the Quinlan conference for the first time in 2016.  He enjoyed it so much that he attended the event with me again this past May!
Can’t wait to attend the 2018 conference!

warm hugs,


  1. Help, I am looking for a workshop within the Memphis, Tn area. Any Suggestions?

  2. Dear Marla Thanks for this tour - almost as good as being there (without the jet lag! from Australia)Your sculptures look amazing!