Saturday, September 9, 2017

Mardi Gras Class

Mardi Gras Tassel Doll By Marla L. Niederer
I always love it when doll artists that take my classes share with me their finished doll.  This past summer I taught a class on how to make a tassel doll in Clayton NY at the Thousand Islands Arts Center.  This is what the Mardi Gras Class doll looked like.
Mardi Gras Tassel Doll By Marla L. Niederer
Cande Houghton took the class with no experience of ever making a doll before.  She shared with me a picture of her completed doll.  She did an absolutely wonderful job!
Tassel Doll Created by Cande Houghton from the Mardi Gras Class
If you are interested in this class I will be teaching Mardi Gras at the Thousand Islands Arts Center next summer again in addition to another class called Little Lamb Lissette.  
Little Lamb Lissette by Marla L. Niederer
Both classes will be one day classes.  Clayton, NY is a lovely place to vacation in the summer and I would love to have you join me in class.

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