Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hat of Many Unfinished Projects and Inspiration from ADU

I always am amazed and inspired by all of the talent exhibited by my fellow All Dolled Up Cloth Doll club friends in Ottawa. I recently attended the June end of the doll club season tea party. There I was amidst a sea of well dressed and well hatted doll makers, one donning a hat that I had seen worn by the Queen in photos not so long ago, others in beautiful fascinators similar to those worn by guests of the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, and here I found myself in the Hat of Many Unfinished Projects. I guess my idea of “going all out” was different than the other members of the ADU. It all started at 5:00 AM the morning of the ADU tea party. I really hadn't thought about what I was going to wear to the tea party but remembered something sent to members to “go all out” with the hat. So, since there had been a challenge to complete unfinished projects for the past three months, and since I really haven't finished my unfinished projects for the past three months (instead I chose to start new ones, even the night before the tea instead of finishing just one project I chose to start a brand new watercolor journal and start a watercolor painting in it, is there such a thing as Artistic ADD? ), I woke up with the “brilliant” idea at 5:00 in the morning to attach as many unfinished projects as I could to a straw hat of mine to wear to the tea party. 

So I wore it to the tea party. Have you ever heard about the universal dream of embarrassment where you find yourself taking a test in your underwear? Well, it sort of felt like that when I walked into the tea party with my Hat of Many Unfinished Projects amidst all of the many classically dressed, well hatted ADU doll club members. But, I took a deep breath, relaxed, and went ahead with my plan to wear the Hat of Many Unfinished Projects. I even brought another bagful of unfinished projects to share in our show and tell segment of the program. I brought a set of jewelry that needed to be completed but instead of completing the project, I started another jewelry set. I brought dolls that I was working on for a wedding cake topper that I had not yet finished. I even brought the bunny that I had developed the pattern for, shared with my doll club members and presented tips on how to complete the bunny in March, and THEN NEVER FINISHED MY BUNNY! But all in all, it actually turned out to be quite a fun tea party and my embarrassment quickly faded as I was reminded so kindly by one of my doll club friends that doll making should never be taken so seriously that you can't have fun!


  1. LOL... nice hat, Marla, oh queen of procastrination. Sounds like you had a fabulous time. :)

  2. Wow! There's some really pretty dolls on that hat! Don't think of them as unfinished They're a head-start on your next project. You're not procrastinating, you're preparing ahead! (Hat-head. Geddit?)