Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Gluten Free Travels and Feeding the Artist Soul

I know I haven't been blogging but does it count that I have been taking some trips to feed my artist soul? I went to the Van Gogh exhibit in Ottawa Canada. It was wonderful and very inspiring. My husband's favorite painting in the exhibit is Blossoming Almond Tree by Van Gogh. It is very beautiful and pictures of it do not do it any justice. Isn't that true of most paintings? While visiting in Canada we went out to eat at a very gluten free friendly restaurant that was just delightful. It is called the Cheshire Cat Pub in Kanata. My husband and I went with our beautiful daughter in-law Sandy, her husband Corwin (my bonus child), and our son Jason. Everyone loved the food that they ordered and there were plenty of gluten free choices which were all very delicious. It was nice to eat outdoors in their backyard patio dining area and the service was wonderful! Yes you can have delicious food on a gluten free diet!
  To continue my impressionistic journey of inspiration I went to the Philadelphia Museum of Art with my two favorite aunts where I fell in love with Lydia in a Loge Wearing a Pearl Necklace by Mary Cassatt. Again the pictures of this painting cannot do it justice. It is a wonderful museum to visit.  I will have to return again. It will give me an excuse to visit my New Jersey relatives again which is always an enjoyable trip. I always hate to say goodbye when we leave.
My last impressionistic journey for the time being was to visit the Fenimore House in Cooperstown,
NY. There I fell in love with Josephine in the Garden by Theodore Robinson. I wish you could see it in person because again the picture doesn't do the painting any justice. It is filled with light and peace. The garden behind Josephine is Monet's garden. I went with my good friend Mary on this trip and we had a very wonderful lunch at the Hawkeye Grill in the Otsega Resort. The Hawkeye Grill is very gluten free friendly and they even list their gluten free items on the regular menu. Not only was the food and service very good, but the view of the lake was magnificent! I wish I had my paints with me because I felt like I was in the middle of an impressionistic painting waiting to be painted!
Now that I have become totally inspired it is time to settle down and produce some art!

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  1. NICE! Sounds as if you had a great time in those museums!