Saturday, August 4, 2012

Artistic Inspiration and Amazing gluten free desserts! Who could ask for more?

Thursday, not only did I get to visit with my good friend Annie at her shop Man in the Moon Bake Shoppe, I also had the honor of meeting one of the most talented doll artists of our time, Nancy Wiley. Nancy was at Annie's shop for a book signing to promote the new book she illustrated with her dolls, The Little Red Riding Hood (which of course I bought and now own a signed copy of). Nancy's work has always inspired me and has been one of the reasons that led me to walk down the road of becoming a doll artist. Her work has always reminded me of a beautiful impressionist painting. She hand paints each doll and its costume with oils creating the illusion that the doll is walking right out of an impressionist painting. The painted backdrop that often appears as part of the settings that she creates for many of her dolls enhances this illusion. Not only is Nancy amazingly talented, but she is also a very warm, down to earth individual. She gave me lots of good tips and left me with a lot of encouragement to continue down the road I am on. I also had the pleasure of meeting Nancy's absolutely charming mom and beautiful daughter.
If you want to see why I have been so inspired by Nancy Wiley's work, or if you would like to pick up a copy of her new book you can check out her website here:

If that was not good enough for one day, I have to add in that I had the most amazing gluten free cheesecake you can imagine at my good friend Annie's place, Man in the Moon Bake Shoppe and Cafe. Annie's husband came up with a gluten free cheesecake that surpasses any regular cheesecake out there (other than Annie's of course which is also amazing because I tried it before I knew I had Celiac disease). So I left the shop with wonderful goodies to bring home to share and lots of good advice and inspiration to continue down my artistic journey.
If you want to have the most delicious baked goods, gluten free and/or regular, great service, and wonderful conversation head down to Man in the Moon Bake Shop and Cafe at 982 Route 34B, King Ferry NY You can check out their website here:

Sometimes life is just good!

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  1. How lucky are you, to meet Nancy Wiley! I'm jealous! I'm sure meeting her will inspire another fabulous doll!!