Monday, August 27, 2012

Still Head over Heels in Love After all these Years

My husband and I went to Ottawa this weekend to celebrate our wedding anniversary. I am very fortunate to be married to my true love, the man that brings out the best in me, and has become the best part of me. We had an absolutely wonderful time this weekend. We really didn't have any major plans of what we were going to do other than walk around, have a nice dinner on Saturday,spend the night in the city, and visit with the kids on Sunday. I had found online Stella Luna Gelato Cafe and read about the very romantic story behind Stella Luna. I wrote to Tammy and found out that yes they serve gluten free gelato there so of course we had to go. The gelato was just amazing! After checking into our hotel we wandered around the park across from the hotel where they had artists selling their wares. While doing this we heard the most beautiful music and walked over to see what was going on. We stumbled upon the Capital Pride Concert and decided to attend after enjoying a nice dinner out. We had front row seats and thoroughly enjoyed the show that The Peptides put on. I guess they are considered retro since they had many of the dance moves my husband and I had way back when and I recognized the dresses the female vocalists wore as similar to ones I had worn many years ago when they were retro the first time. The hairdos were before my time but adorable nonetheless. The audience was filled with a nice group of young people that seemed to be enjoying the event also. I just love going to Ottawa. It seems to always be filled with art, music, and celebrations of diversity wherever you go.


  1. Happy Anniversary kids!
    We dedicate 'I'm In Love' to you both
    and celebrate your union!
    The PepTides