Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Mistique, my new workshop doll, is published in Doll Collector!

I was so pleasantly surprised to open the September issue of Doll Collector and find a picture of Mistique, my new workshop doll inside the magazine.  Although I have had other photos of my dolls in Doll Collector, it is always a thrill to see one of my creations in the magazine that started my journey into figurative art.  I never knew that dolls could be created as an art form until I picked up my first copy of Contemporary Doll, which many years later became Doll Collector.  Believe it or not it was before Google existed!   While I opened each page of each new issue of Contemporary Doll I was so inspired by the works of Robert McKinley, Antonette Cely, Lisa Lichtenfels, E. J. Taylor, Nancy Wiley, along with many other talented figurative artists.  This inspiration led me into designing and creating my own dolls that now appear inside the pages of the very magazine that started it all.  How Cool is that? 

The Mistique Workshop that I am teaching on A for Artistic is starting July 23rd.  You can find out more information about it and sign up for it if you choose by clicking on this link