Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Day 31 of 51 Days of Art

Today is the 31st day of the 51 days I set aside to create art.  The act of engaging in artistic pursuits for 31 days has created changes within.  There is an ever-present inner smile that brims from ear to ear that often finds itself expressed upon my face.  There is more of a bounce to each step I take, laughter flows more freely, and there is an ever-growing calm that pervades my essence.  I wake each morning excited about what I am going to work on each day and often find myself working on projects way into the night.  I have not found o loss of projects to work on, instead a multitude of new projects have been added to my list. I’d like to share some of the progress I have been making with my art.
I am currently teaching an online class Mistique on A for Artistic  which you can find out more about here  .  While teaching the class I get to talk to wonderful doll-makers from all over the world every day!  
I am still working on the Make a Face Challenge.  She is not finished yet, needs much more regal embellishment!

This is the beginnings of one of the sea nymphs dancing in my head.  I am currently trying to figure out how I want to make her tail fins and hair.  I will share more pictures soon.
And I am still working on putting together a free tutorial for Warm Hugs for Enchanted Makeovers.