Sunday, September 1, 2013

Warm Hugs Tutorial

I was very moved by a website I found while surfing the net during the winter holidays.  It is called Enchanted Makeovers and its website is    The organization transforms homeless shelters for women and children into spaces for individuals to thrive in, not just survive.  It sets the stage for individuals living in the shelters to become empowered during the process.  I was so moved by what the organization was doing that I contacted Terry and asked her if it would help to create a pattern and tutorial for a cloth doll that her organization could use.  I wanted to develop a pattern that was very child safe, easy to make, and very warm and cuddly.  I couldn’t think of anything better than a pattern of a kitten made out of fleece called Warm Hugs. 
I finally completed the tutorial and would like to share it with you.  Please use this free pattern to create as many Warm Hugs as you wish to donate to organizations such as hospitals, safe houses, homeless shelters, police stations, Enchanted Makeovers Doll Adoption program
 and to give to any and all children in need of comfort and a warm hug.  This free pattern can also be used to create Warm Hugs to be given as a gift to anyone that you deem may need or want a warm hug.  Please respect the energy in which this pattern was created as a gift to all of the many warm hearted doll makers out there to use and create a gift of warmth to be given as a comfort for others.  Please do not sell any items created with this pattern.

Click on this link for the introduction to the tutorial

Click on this link for Warm Hugs lesson one

Click on this link for Warm Hugs lesson two

 Click on this link for Warm Hugs lesson three 
 Click on this link for the pattern for the head

Click on this link for the body pattern

Click on this link for the dress pattern

Click on this link for the vest and tail pattern 


  1. This is a really sweet thing to share, thank you. I think the idea of making it in fleece is really clever; something soft and yielding a child can hold very tight, when they need to.