Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Day 51 of 51 Days of Art

Today is the 51st day of my 51 Days of Art.  I began my 51 days of art with a watercolor journal entry and I am ending my 51 Days of Art with the same.  During the past 51 days I have often pondered the question of why I create art.  I found my answer while sitting in my screened in porch last evening.  As I was quietly contemplating the beauty of the nature that surrounds my home the image of this Fire Spirit fluttered into my mind.  I then realized the answer to the question of why I create art within the image of her flames.  Artistic Creation is an everlasting fire that consumes my thoughts, dreams, moments in time.  To discontinue my artistic pursuits is to quench the flames of my inner soul.  It is an option that doesn’t exist.   Although I am ending my 51 Days of Art retreat to return to the routine life where my day job exists, the fire of artistic creation will never be lost.


  1. Sounds like your 51 days was well spent as you came to a conclusion about yourself and your art. I feel the same way.
    hugs Karen

  2. Love this piece.... WindyKai.com