Thursday, August 1, 2013

Day 32 of 51 Days of Art

I woke up this morning on the 32nd day of my 51 days of art and decided to actually complete one of the many projects that I have been working on.  This is one of the sea nymphs that has been dancing in my head.


  1. She's beautiful:) What did you use for her hair? It looks like it's flowing in the water...fabulous effect.

  2. thank-you Mary Ann! I used wire to get the effect.

  3. Wow! She looks even better with hair! A real nymph to be sure! LOL
    hugs Karen

  4. This is an awesome doll that should have taken first place in the mermaid contest by Doll Street Dreamers.
    This lovely lady shows motion and I can almost feel the water flowing around her.
    What talent!!!